We are Misunderstood.

A podcast. 


We are Misunderstood.

A podcast. 

We are all misunderstood, and the Misunderstood podcast is our voice.

Mental health continues to be a subject that very few people want to talk about. Many who struggle with it feel embarrassed or guilty about their pain, and those who don't are left without an understanding of the depth these issues can reach. We all need to be on the same page to disperse the fear that surrounds mental health and to help reconstruct the misconceptions that plague it. 

By using stories that shed a personal light on these subjects that so often go unshared, we're putting a voice to problems that become bigger the less we talk about them. People suffer because their experiences go unheard. Our intent is to move closer—to pay attention, ask good questions, and walk in another’s shoes to get a better understanding of how mental health affects all of us.

All we have to do—and our audience, too—is listen.

We recognize there are apprehensions around mental health that make us afraid, uncomfortable, and downright avoidant. Every person on the planet is affected by their inner lives, yet it’s one of the most stigmatized and silenced topics. 

Mental health is the way humans experience life emotionally and psychologically, and often we keep those pieces of ourselves as a secret from others. The rift that lies between our personal struggles and our public persona can perpetuate stigmas around struggles that are commonplace.  

We are in search of honest moments that change our ideas about mental health:  

to see the person instead of the suicide,
to hear the suffering instead of the disorder,
to feel empathy instead of judgment.

We are misunderstood. 

It's about time we shared our differences--one story at a time.


The Storytellers

The Storytellers


Executive Producer & Host

Zach has always been drawn to a good story. After majoring in Broadcast Journalism, he realized that his passion for mental health and the experiences of others went outside of reporting, so he returned to graduate school to earn a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. For the past several years, he has been working as a therapist specializing in trauma.

As a counselor, Zach became keenly aware of the misunderstandings and stigmas that still surround mental health. It became clear that there was work to be done on a larger scale, and he wanted to help impact the way we understand the inner worlds of those around us. He founded Misunderstood to do just that.

Besides being a mental health advocate, Zach also enjoys cool kicks, a good beat, and doing nothing--with people. He’s also good at complaining about cold weather. You can learn more about his work at his site.


Audio Mixer

Rock can usually be found wearing a pair of really expensive headphones listening to the likes of his favorite artists. Or sometimes he might be listening to some of his own musical creations since music production is one of his biggest passions.

Rock currently studies Audio Production and has an interest in all things electronica. He loves the complexity of sound and how it can elicit emotion and movement in others.

When not creating his own music, you can find Rock moonlighting as a DJ at various places across the front range of Colorado. In those rare instances he's not behind a soundboard, you can catch him dancing wildly at EDM festivals or mentoring high school students.

Right now Rock is eager to lend his talents to helping others understand mental health. No matter the project, Rock has an interest in helping people learn to empathize with each other better.